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BestMassage EC-06C Review

Do you want a full body Shiatsu massage? The BestMassage EC-06c massage and recliner chair is the perfect option for you. Perfect for the living room, this chair offers an exceptional massage for a price that’s so low it’s almost impossible to pass up.

List Price:$829.99
Sale Price:$799.00
You Save:$30.99 (4%)
Plus, you’ll enjoy heat rollers and over 30 airbags for the ultimate massage right in the comfort of your home.

BestMassage EC-06c Features

  • Adjustable intensity settings
  • Neck and calf massage options
  • Chop, tapping and flapping massage choices
  • 20 lower body air bags for lower body massages
  • Intelligent roller that conforms to your back
  • Fully automatic and reclines
  • Recovery, relax and refresh programs
  • Deep stretch options

BestMassage EC-06c Review

The whole idea behind Shiatsu massages is that you’ll walk away with less fatigue and less muscle stress. Throughout the day, your activities stress your muscles, leading to tightness and pain. And, you can massage these muscles to alleviate these unwanted symptoms.

The EC-06c offers several different massage methods for a full body massage:

  • Power rollers to relax muscles
  • Chop action tapping and flapping meant to soften fatty deposits, reduce stressed muscles and stimulate nerves
  • Compression and percussion system to improve flexibility and posture

When you go to assemble the chair, you’ll need to have someone, or multiple people, help you as the chair arrives on a pallet in a box and weighs some 300 pounds.

The surface is a very soft, black leather.

List Price:$829.99
Sale Price:$799.00
You Save:$30.99 (4%)
Minimal assembly is needed and will take only minutes to complete. You’ll be able to recline the chair to your liking and then start the massage process.

There are 30 air bags that are meant to massage the lower body, and they work perfectly for the job. These air bags aren’t as thorough as the rollers, but they will hit the calves and feet for a great massage. Air bags are also near the thighs and buttocks as well as on the arm rests for a true massage experience.

When you sit down in the chair, you’ll immediately notice how comfortable this model is compared to other models. Immense cushioning allows for true comfort while you’re left selecting one of the three massage programs: fatigue, pain relieving and comfortable mood. There is even a heat switch that will warm the bottom of your feet.

Switching the intensity levels will allow you to further customize your massage experience.

While not as robust as higher-end chairs, the EC-06c does provide a near equal massage, which is impressive for any low-end model.


  • Upper and lower body massage
  • Stretching option for deep tissue massage
  • 3 different programs for massaging
  • Several intensity options


  • Arm massage is lackluster

I will admit, I was surprised to see that this chair featured an arm massage, but I was a little let down as well. While included, the arm massage lacks any real intensity to do, well, anything worthwhile for arm tension.

With that said, the back, neck and lower body massage quality is unseen in this price range, so it’s definitely worth more than what you’ll find in mid-range models.

Do I recommend this massage chair? Absolutely. If you’re not too worried about the arm massage, the BestMassage EC-06c will greatly exceed your expectations. Even people with over a decade of chronic back pain found relief from this model.

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