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Cozzia 16028 review

Its name says it all: Cozzia. The 16028 is comfortable, luxurious and offers a fantastic massage. Designed to melt away stress and tension, this chair offers six different massage options, five different air pressure systems and five pre-programmed massage sessions. With the ability to recline to the zero gravity position, you’ll be on cloud 9 every time you sit in this chair.

List Price:$1,999.00
Sale Price:$1,995.00
You Save:$4.00 (0%)

Features at a Glance

  • Zero gravity position
  • 6 Massage options: shiatsu massage, tapping, kneading, vibration, rolling and air
  • 5 Air pressure systems: seat, back, feet, calves and neck
  • 5 Pre-programmed massages w/adjustable speed, strength and intensity
  • Footrest adjusts independently
  • Body scanning system
  • LED remote

Cozzia 16028 Review

The 16028 offers a full body massage that covers everything but your arms and hands. With a sleek black faux leather exterior, you’ll melt into this chair and will never want to get up.

Looks aside, this chair offers a number of different massage options. First of all, you have six different types of massages available, including: tapping, shiatsu, vibration, kneading, air and rolling. Whether you need a gentle massage to melt away tension or a deep massage to get rid of serious knots, this chair has you covered.

And the 16028 hits all the right spots thanks to its body scanning system. What this system does is scan your body to determine your height, and makes adjustments accordingly, so the massage rollers always reach the right areas.

List Price:$1,999.00
Sale Price:$1,995.00
You Save:$4.00 (0%)
In addition to the different massage options, this chair also has five preprogrammed massage sessions and five different air pressure systems. These massages are a little more gentle, and are great for relieving stress. The 16028 offers air pressure massages for your seat, feet, back, neck and calves. And if you’re in the mood for a deeper massage, you can choose one of the chair’s five built in massage programs. The great thing about these 15-minute programs is that you can adjust its strength, speed and intensity to your liking.

All of the chairs massage functions are easily controlled using the included LED remote. The remote also lets you adjust the speed, massage area and rollers. You can adjust the foot rest independently from the backrest, and a simple one-touch recline button automatically reclines your chair down to your favorite position.

Did I mention that this chair also offers heat therapy in the lumbar area? The only thing this chair is missing is sun, sand and a little music.


  • Zero gravity position relieves back pain and offers micro adjustments
  • Built in massage programs can be customized to your liking
  • Air pressure systems add more comfort and tension relief
  • Multiple massage options allow you to choose the level and intensity of your massage
  • LED remote makes it easy to control massage functions
  • Body scanning ensures that the rollers reach all the right spots


  • No arm massage

Admittedly, I wasn’t expecting this functionality at this price level, but arm massages are a great addition to any massage chair. The lack of this feature certainly isn’t a deal breaker, but is something you should be aware of.

The 16028 offers the same level of comfort and functionality that chairs twice the cost offer. We highly recommend this chair to anyone looking for a mid-range massage chair.

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