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Cozzia EC363E Review

Cozzia is a brand that I’ve come to like. Their chairs are affordably priced and come with many of the same features you find on models that are double – sometimes triple – the cost. The EC363E is one of my favorite models from Cozzia because it offers features that other chairs are lacking – like fully body heat and stretching.

Sale Price:$2,999.00
I had a hard time finding something – anything – to dislike about this chair. Let’s take a closer look at what the EC363E has to offer.

Features at a Glance

  • Zero gravity
  • Targeted massage functions
  • Adjusts to your height automatically
  • Full body heat therapy and stretching
  • 6 Massage techniques
  • 3 Targeted programs
  • 6 Massage programs
  • Ergonomic S-track
  • LCD display controller
  • Air massage function

Cozzia EC363E Review

While I loved just about everything about this chair, I will admit that getting it into my home was a chore. This chair weighs a whopping 260 pounds, so call some friends over to help you move this thing into your living room.

Moving and assembly is the hard part, and the only thing you’ll dislike about this chair.

The EC363E comes with six automated programs and three partial-body programs. Plus, you can target your shoulders, neck, back, thighs, arms, buttocks, feet and calves using the various manual options.

The chair reclines back to the zero gravity position, too, so you can decompress your spine and melt away stress.

Like other Cozzia chairs, this one features an ergonomic S-track, which follows the natural curve of your spine to thoroughly support your back and neck.

Sale Price:$2,999.00
If you’re on the tall or short side, you may have noticed that you just don’t fit into some chairs properly. The EC363E makes automatic adjustments based on your height to ensure that you get a customized massage experience.

And unlike other massage chairs, this one offers full-body heat therapy and full-body stretching. Imagine being able to really stretch after a long day at work – without having to get into awkward yoga positions.

Air massage function is included, too, and targets the buttocks, arms, calves, feet, neck and back. I really like the Jacuzzi Therapy function, which creates rhythmic vibrations in the seat to mimic the feeling of being in a Jacuzzi tub. This really relieves tension and gets your blood flowing.

There’s a Shiatsu Therapy function as well that does a great job of mimicking the feeling of human hands. If you have stiff, sore muscles, this program is really going to help you relax and enjoy some pain relief.

After trying this chair out, I can honestly say that a 30-minute session in the EC363E is equivalent to a full-day of pampering at the spa – it’s that good.


  • Zero gravity for spine decompression
  • Numerous massage techniques and programs
  • S-track supports the spine and neck
  • Heat therapy and stretching for the entire body
  • Unique Jacuzzi Therapy makes you feel like you’re in a jet tub
  • Automatic height adjustments for a personalized massage


  • Heavy

I mentioned this in the beginning of my review: the EC363E is heavy. Is this a deal-breaker? No. All massage chairs are heavy – especially advanced ones like this model. But be aware of this ahead of time, so you can get some help moving it into your home.

The Cozzia EC363E has everything you could want in a massage chair: heat therapy, multiple massage types, stretching, zero gravity, and more. Plus, it’s more affordable than similar chairs that offer the same features. I can’t help but recommend this model to anyone looking for a massage chair that they’ll use for years to come.

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