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Inada Sogno Dreamwave Review

The Sogno Dreamwave by Inada may just be the best massage chair in the world. This chair cradles a person’s whole body and provides an 8-motion massage that rivals most professional massage therapists.

Sale Price:$0.00

The best part? It’s all yours to use whenever you see fit.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Features

  • 264 pound weight
  • Dark brown color
  • 8 massage motion design
  • Stretch function for tight muscles
  • 8 pre-programmed massage sessions
  • Accommodates heights of 5’ – 6.5’
  • 13 built-in motors
  • 3D massage

I didn’t know what to expect during my Inada Sogno Dreamwave review. The word “sogno” means “dream” in Italian, and I’ll start by saying that this chair is a dream for the body. From every angle, you’ll be able to have your muscles massaged to perfection.

And, I mean everything is covered.

First, the chair works through the shiatsu point location that uses actual sensors to find the shiatsu points in your body. Able to adjust to all body types, this chair will fit users 5’ – 6.5’ with the utmost comfort.

The massage points that are covered include:

  • Neck and Shoulder: An air massage where pads put pressure on the top of the shoulders and air cells work the back of the shoulders for a proper massage.
  • Full Arm: A kneading massage is performed on the full length of the arm through 20 air cells.
  • Side Press: The pelvis, buttocks and thighs are massaged with the side press – perfect for sore muscles.
  • Calves and Feet: The automated and adjustable foot bed will massage your feet, heels and calves using shiatsu pressure.

This model features a 3-D massage where rollers will provide a deep massage, or you can choose between 8 other massage programs and settings to pick a massage that’s perfect for your personal preference.

Sale Price:$0.00

When I tell you that this massage chair is more thorough than a massage therapist, I am completely serious.

In total, there are 13 motors and 101 active air massage cells that provide the Sogno Dreamwave with more massage coverage than any other massage chair in the world.

When sitting in the chair, you’ll notice how it cradles the body, providing unsurpassed comfort and massage capability.

You’ll also notice that the chair is heated to allow for maximum tension relief and comfort. When using this chair, I even noticed that it helped work knots out of my back that I never knew I had. It’s exceptional from every angle.


  • Massages the entire body from the feet to the hands.
  • Accommodates users of all heights.
  • Exceptional support offered through the manufacturer.
  • Very quiet operation.


  • Massive in size.
  • Foot massage is weak.

This is a big chair, and it has to be for all of the features it includes. Massaging you into bliss, this chair does put you into a dream-like state, offering a professional massage whenever you feel the need.

I will admit that the foot massage was very soft and too weak to provide a true massage feel.

But, the rest of the chair exceeded my expectations. From my forearms to my fingers down to my hips and calves, this massage chair rolled out knots in my body. My muscles never felt better. And, my back is so limber, I feel like a teenager again.

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