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Osaki OS-1000 Review

The Osaki OS-1000 is one of the best entry-level massage chairs on the market. Meant for affordability, this chair will offer an exceptional massage, but it does lack some of the advanced features that the high-end models include.

Sale Price:$1,295.00
That doesn’t mean the OS-1000 doesn’t provide a great massage for the price, though.

During my Osaki OS-1000 review, I was able to work kinks out of my back that have been bothering me for months. And, I was impressed with the preset programs and massage types that the machine offers.

Osaki OS-1000 Features

  • 5 preset programs
  • Seat and leg massage
  • 4 massage types
  • Manual speed options
  • 4 back conforming rollers
  • 3 width settings
  • Stroke length of 29”
  • 20 air bags
  • 6 massage intensity levels
  • 140 pound weight

My Osaki OS-1000 Review

Lighter than most chairs, the OS-1000 weighs just 140 pounds when assembled, but the box that it comes in weighs 228 pounds – you’ll need help moving it for sure. Assembly takes about an hour in total, and the chair comes in three parts.

The instructions are lacking, but it’s still fairly easy to assemble this chair.

You’ll notice a remote control that allows you to change all of your settings to your personal preference. Offering a full body massage, you’ll be able to have your neck, back, shoulders and even lower back massaged to perfection.

But, you won’t have an arm massage included.

The first step is to choose between one of the 5 preset programs:

  • Full body
  • Healthcare
  • Therapy
  • Back
  • Neck / shoulders

You’ll also notice that there are four massage options. You’ll be able to choose between kneading; kneading and tapping; tapping; and rolling. The combination massages work best in my opinion, and provides the utmost in comfort.

Sale Price:$1,295.00

The 6 different intensity levels allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage. While the low setting is a little too low for my taste, the higher setting does provide a very intense massage that’s perfect for a deeper tissue massage.

You’ll also be able to adjust the width of the massaged area to better fit your back’s width.

And, there is also a vibration massage setting meant to massage your legs, feet and calves. With over 20 air bags for the lower body, your feet and legs will be massaged to near bliss.

I want to make special note of the way that the roller system works. Many chairs have hard, rigid rollers that hurt more than they massage. Using an intelligent system and design, the four rollers will conform to your back to add comfort during your back massage. The 29” stroke length allows your upper neck to be reached while also hitting your tailbone with ease.


  • 5 preset programs
  • Intelligent roller design
  • Manual speed options
  • 20 air bags dedicated to a lower body massage
  • 4 massage types
  • Complete intensity control


  • No zero gravity option
  • Doesn’t massage arms

The only gripe I had with the OS-1000 is that there is no arm massage offered. A lot of high-end models include this, but they also cost quadruple the price. Not having zero gravity doesn’t allow for muscle stretching and alignment assistance, but again, this isn’t what I would expect to find in a lower priced chair.

For a great massage, minus the arms, this is a great entry level chair that offers maximum comfort and several massage presets that every user will enjoy.

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