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Osaki OS-7075R Review

The Osaki brand offers massage chairs in a wide range of prices, and the Osaki OS-7075R is in the mid-price range. Featuring a black synthetic leather and zero gravity, you’ll sink right into the OS-7075R as it scans your body with the built-in sensors to determine the best way to massage you.

Sale Price:$4,295.00

An advanced chair that rivals any massage therapist, the OS-7075R does it all – even a head massage.

Osaki OS-7075R Features

  • Zero gravity recline
  • Computer body scan
  • Several color options
  • Arm, head, shoulder, calf, feet and back massage
  • Built-in heaters
  • 6 auto programs
  • 13 motors
  • Intelligent 4 roller system
  • 31” vertical massage length
  • 3 intensity levels

Osaki OS-7075R Review

I have to admit that the high price of this chair is worth every penny. I didn’t think it could be possible to make a massage chair so perfect. I’ve decided to tell my massage therapist “goodbye” for good.


The OS-7075R is simply the best of the best. First, you’ll sink into the synthetic leather and recline back into zero gravity. This allows your spinal column and neck to stretch, and fall back into realignment.

A computer body scan will determine your body’s exact dimensions to determine the best way to massage you, finding all of the little points your massage therapist seemingly misses time and time again.

You can choose to use the 6 built-in programs. With 13 motors and a 4 roller system, the chair is able to massage a 31” vertical length from the tailbone all the way up to the neck. And, you can choose between three different intensity levels to get the massage that is just perfect for you.

Oh, and there are built-in heaters to soothe your muscles and relax you in the process.

Sale Price:$4,295.00

Don’t want a full body massage? You can choose to massage your:

  • Arms
  • Back
  • Calves
  • Feet
  • Shoulders
  • Head

Everything is controlled with an easy-to-reach remote, and you’ll be engulfed with air bags and rollers as all of your tension melts away.

The best part is that it’s not a weak neck or shoulder massage. You adjust the shoulder pads to your liking, and the chair works its magic. The same goes with the arm massager. You place your hand inside of it, and allow it to massage your hands, wrists and arms. The armrests even pivot for the utmost in comfort.

Air bags will massage your feet and calves for a complete body massage.

You can recline the chair 95 – 170 degrees, too. Your foot rest can also be adjusted from a 0 – 107 degree range.


  • Perfect total body massage.
  • Built-in heating relaxes muscles.
  • Zero gravity stretches and realigns the back.
  • Intensity levels allow for a deeper massage.
  • Deep tissue massage.


  • Heavy weight.

The chair itself has a very heavy base with a total weight of 250 pounds. Aside from this, the chair is perfect. With the body scanning computer, the chair’s massage features will adapt to your body size while massaging everything from your legs and arms to your toes, hands and of course, your back.

Built-in heating puts you into such a relaxed state that you may fall asleep during your massage.

And, every second in this chair is complete bliss.

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