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Panasonic EP30007 Review

The Panasonic EP30007 ULTRATM is an advanced quad-style massage chair that offers 5 pre-set programs as well as reflexology techniques for the ultimate massage. A beautiful wood finish on the armrests is present along with intricate intensity controls and an auto recline feature that allows you to begin your massage in minutes.

Sale Price:$0.00
And, it features rollers and airbags to provide a massage from head to toe.

Panasonic EP30007 Features

  • 5 pre-set massage programs
  • 8 manual massage programs
  • Real wooden armrests
  • Pressure senor technology
  • Virtual back mapping technology
  • Several massage types
  • 5-year warranty

Panasonic EP30007 Review

When you go into a massage parlor, you expect a tailored massage from a professional with years of experience and massage therapy school. Panasonic attempts to mimic this tailored approach by mapping out your back using pressure sensors.

This will allow the chair to find the exact points in the body used with acupuncture and reflexology.

As you recline back in the chair, you’ll take control of the entire massage experience using the remote system. This is where you’ll cycle through the massage type you prefer, or customize your own massage program specially tailored to you, the user.

Panasonic offers an exclusive massage technique called the “Junetsu” with their massage chairs. This is an ultra-fine kneading technique that loosens tight muscles and allows for increased circulation in the process. And, it works wonders on tight muscles, ligaments and joints.

If you have any back pain, this is the right massage type for you.

There are four different massage types offered:

  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish
  • Fist Kneading
  • Grasping

You’ll relax and rejuvenate as you massage your:

  • Arms
  • Palms
  • Shoulders
  • Legs
  • Hips
  • Calves

There are several airbags that provide air massages to your lower extremities, while rollers will be used on your back for a complete massage. The massage heads will actually open and close so it feels just like a real massage.

Sale Price:$0.00
I want to note that this model works off of reflexology. This will be done on your feet to increase energy and blood flow through the body.

Acupoints are also considered, and your body is said to have 350 acupoints in total; 100 on your back alone. These are points that a Swedish or Shiatsu massage is perfect for unblocking. The idea is that energy flow is interrupted in the body, causing pain and sickness. These points have been specially marked and developed with the world’s leading acupuncture experts to provide a true acupressure experience.

This is a massage chair that does it all from massages to reflexology and acupuncture benefits – you’ll receive them all.


  • Follows acupuncture and reflexology practices.
  • Several mode options and manual options.
  • Provides a Junetsu massage with floating massage heads.
  • Body scanning technology maps your back for precise massaging.


  • No heating technology

I’ve become spoiled with heated massage heads, so I did want to note that the EP30007 does not include heated rollers. This is something I expected at this price range, but then you also get the acupoints and reflexology system, so the chair is still exceptional at this price.

And, this model is a limited edition that includes wooden armrests.

For me, this is a great mid-range massage chair that would move into the upper bracket of massage chairs if the rollers were heated. At this price range, it doesn’t get much better than the EP30007.

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