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Titan Ti-7800 Review

The Titan Ti-7800 looks a lot like other high-end massage chairs, but you’ll notice one major difference: an airbag at the top of the backrest. Yes, this is one of those rare massage chairs that also offers an air head massage. If you’re the type of person who gets tension headaches, this chair may just be the perfect solution for you.

Sale Price:$2,995.00
With a multitude of different massage styles, heat therapy and a Thai stretch massage functionality, the Ti-7800 isn’t your ordinary massage chair. And it’s surprisingly affordable, too.

Features at a Glance

  • Zero gravity position
  • Lower lumbar heat
  • Arm, foot and calf massage
  • Hip and seat vibration
  • Head air massage
  • 6 massage styles: kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping, palm, shiatsu and punching
  • Thai stretch massage
  • Four preset massage programs: nighttime, weightless, stretching, and neck and waist

Titan Ti-7800 Review

Sure, the Titan Ti-7800 looks like an ordinary massage chair, but its functionality is what makes it stand out in the crowd.

Let’s start with the zero gravity position. With the press of a button, the Ti-7800 will put you in the zero gravity position to alleviate back pain and perform micro adjustments for a healthy spine.

Six massage styles are offered, including: kneading, tapping, palm, kneading and tapping, punching and shiatsu. I prefer the shiatsu massage if I need to loosen a deep knot my back, but the tapping and kneading massage functions are great for muscle tension as well.

Aside from these six massage styles, this chair also has a unique Thai stretch massage function. This massage will take you through a cycle of three phases. Here’s how it works:

  1. The legs move down while the back reclines, and the massage rollers massage the lower spine.
  2. The legs are completely down, and the back is reclined completely. The rollers then massage the middle of your back.
  3. The legs move up, the back reclines, and the rollers massage your mid-section.
Sale Price:$2,995.00
The Thai stretch is invigorating, and will loosen up tight muscles. I prefer using this massage after a long run or intense workout session.

Using the remote control, you can choose from four different massage programs with the Ti-7800: stretching, nighttime, weightless, and neck and waist.

And to complete your session, this chair can give you a complete foot, calf and arm massage. The arm area has 8 airbags (4 on each arm), while the calf and foot area has a total of 16 airbags (8 for each leg). The great thing about the airbag massage is that you can control the intensity of the pressure using the remote control.

On top of all these features, this chair also offers lower lumbar heat, and hip and seat vibration. You truly do get a complete, thorough massage that will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed every time.


  • A complete massage – arms, calves and feet included
  • Bonus head air massage function
  • Thai stretch massage stretches the body
  • Four preset massage programs are included to address your personal needs1414
  • Heat and seat vibration further alleviate tension


  • Large

One of the great things about this massage chair is that it arrives fully assembled, but because of its large size, you may have trouble fitting the box through a standard doorway. I recommend bringing the box in through a back sliding door. If you have larger-than-normal doorways, you’ll have no issues bringing this chair into your home.

The Titan Ti-7800 is comparable to Osaki chairs, but comes at a much lower price. If you’re looking for a robust, versatile massage chair, this is the right model for you.

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